A well recognized outstanding educational activity for European Young Internists form EFIM member countries is the European School of Internal Medicine (ESIM). The participants of the School are young doctors who are towards the end of their training in Internal Medicine. They are selected and sponsored by their national societies to attend the School, usually 40 – 50 each year with 20 – 25 countries being represented. As a result of the School’s activities since 1998, close to 2000 residents have passed through the European School and they now form the basis of the growing Young Internists network being developed by the Federation. 

The primary goal of the Schools was to promote good quality continuous medical education for young internists from EFIM member societies. The second one was to make the School a meeting point for European residents – a place for exchange and friendship. Throughout the years, the academic format of a one week course has remained the same with interactive seminars, case presentations and workshops, with a social programme mid-week and in the evenings. 

Tailored to continue the educational activities of EFIM, to fill the gap in Internal Medicine postgraduate training for recently appointed specialists after completed training in Internal Medicine (Early in Career internists) in Europe and to promote the clinical and non-clinical education mix with networking opportunities in a small-scale course, the European Advanced School of Internal Medicine (EASIM) format was designed and successfully launched in November 2018 in Riga, Latvia under the Directorship of Dr. Ieva Ruža. 

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